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Round and Round we will go, Roundabout update

May 29, 2007


The State Department of Transportation has been planning for a roundabout for the intersection of the State Route 202 and State Route 203 for years.  Wilder construction has been working on the site for a month building up the base for the roundabout. You can see an update on the progress of the Roundabout here.  I think it will be an excellent addition to intersection.  It is to bad that in order to make the change to intersection that the state had to buy the property that was locally known as “Guns and Roses”.  Guns and Roses was Fall City Firearms, and Fall City Green house that was located on the site of old gas station.  The roundabout should be completed by the Fall of this year.


Bye Bye Fall City Library

May 29, 2007


It’s gone now.  It didn’t take much to take the building down.  Today the track-hoe moved some of the decorative rocks out of the way and took down the building and loaded it in to the trash trucks.  The ground breaking for the new building is June 13, 2007 at 4:00 pm, right before Fall City Days.  See you there?

Ron Simms to give away County park, Fall City Community Park

May 23, 2007

Give King County’s Parks to the Snoqualmie Tribe?


Ron Sims is wants to give Fall City Community Park to the Snoqualmie Tribe.  The park consists or two parcels and has a Baseball Diamond, Equestrian Riding Arena, Soccer Fields, The Fall City Hop Drying Shed, a King County Historical Landmark, and a King County Historical Archaeological site, that contains Snoqualmie Tribe artifacts.


Kathy Lambert held a community meeting last week to a packed crowd.


The local and regional community has been very supportive of this park over the years and it has a lot of use.  Why would Ron Simms want to give this park away.  Could it be that they can not afford the $50,000 a year in maintenance?  Really?  When the vote comes to raise money for King County parks I hope all the users of the Fall City Community Park/little leagues park/soccer association park/Equestrian area/ regional trail head/ Historic landmark consider their vote very carefully… 

PS It looks like the Fall City  Community Association is hiring a lawyer that specializes in tribal law to review contract with the tribe.


Seattle Times

King TV 5

Seattle Times Letter to editorRon Simms on Kuow answers a question regarding the park.  Go to minute 48 for the park question.

Snoqualmie Valley Record Redneck reasoning reigns,

Shoreline rules in King County are changing…so what?

May 22, 2007

King County Is Amending Shoreline Management Rules

King County is coming to town to discuss proposed changes to the shoreline management act.  The Seattle PI ran the head line County May Ease Shoreline Management Rules.  The county says that they are planning to streamline the rules to make it easy for us to get information and permits.  Which is not what I was expecting.  I knew that after the Critical area ordinance passed, and the shoreline rules were next to be revised, and I exepected that they would be tightening the rules some more.  Please take a look at the draftAs you know Fall City is on the edge of the Snoqualmie River so depending on what these proposal brings it could be a very significant to the property owners along, historic River Street.  If you use the rivers, live in the floodplain, use the river for recreation, own ajoining property, these  these rules could impact you.  This link will get you to the King  County Site with all the informaton.  So take a look at the maps, and the draft and please attend one of the meetings to share your input.  If in your review you see something “funny” please write a comment and we’ll see what we can find out.  It’s our community to protect. 

 They have several meetings scheduled.  The Snoqualmie Valley meeting is scheduled for June 5th at Carnation elementary School.

40% More income required to purchase Snoqualmie Valley Homes from 2003 to 2006

May 20, 2007

According to an article in today’s Seattle Times article titled The disappearing $300,000 House… and other  surprising facts, “From 2003 through 2006, just three areas required income jumps of 40 percent or less to keep up with rising house prices. Those are Duvall/Snoqualmie Valley, Covington and S.I.R./Lake Morton. The last required 24 percent more income. Modest house-price appreciation is the reason.” 

This is interesting to me because as we know that housing prices have been going up through out King County this is the first article I have see that translated the increased cost of housing to amount of increased income required to make the purchase.  They have a lot of other interesting information in the article.  Please take a look at  it and see what you think.  I am interested in your perspective.

Fall City Real Estate Market Update

May 20, 2007

I have been looking for a way to share information on the Fall City market so I thought I would try posting it here.  If you have trouble seeing the graphs, if you are using Internet Explorer try magnifying the view of the page to 125%.  I think you will be able to see the detail better at that setting.

The real estate market in the Seattle Area is still in a very strong market as compared to most of the rest of the country.  That said, all real estate is local.  Within the Seattle Tacoma Everett market there are variations in the how the market is doing.  Also within an area different price ranges can have their own characteristics.  Let’s take a look at the past 15 months of the Fall City resale market. 

First up is a graph showing the resale market over the last 15 months, at all price ranges in the zip code 98024. 


This graph shows that inventory is building and the number of sales is not.  With 41 available listings and 5 going to pending status, in a month we have an 8 month supply of homes.  Lets see if we can break that down a bit. 

The next graph shows the resale inventory of home up to $500,000.


Here we see four listings for sale with 2 going to pending and 2 closing.  So we have a two month supply of inventory in this price range.  It looks like there is a shortage of inventory in this price range.  

Next up $500,000 to $1,000,000.


Here we see nineteen homes for sale, and two closing and one moving to pending status in the month of April.  Here the number of homes available each month has stayed pretty consistent this year starting with fourteen listings in January up to nineteen available in April.  So we have a nine month supply of homes in the $500,000 to $1,000,000. price range.  

Over $1,000,000.:


Here we see eighteen available listings, two closed in April and two went to pending status.  Again we see a nine month supply.  The supply here is increasing rapidly from just four homes available in January to the eighteen in April.  In fact the available inventory doubled from nine in March to eighteen in April. Also remember that in the higher price ranges, $750,000 and up there are new construction homes available that are competing for the buyers.  Under $500,000 there really isn’t any new construction available in Fall City.  Keep in mind that these graphs do not include the new construction component of the Fall City Market.  How does this information compare with your experience and observations?

The information in the graphs uses Northwest Multiple Listing information, and is deemed to be accurate, however the information was not compiled by the NWMLS.

Snoqualmie Valley School District Bond Failing?

May 19, 2007

Snoqualmie Valley School District 410 bond still appears to be failing. 

The latest update from the King County Department of Elections shows that the $209,000,000 school bond is failing for the second time by missing the 60% super majority required for passage.  With 58% of the vote in the approve column, it looks pretty similar to the February Election when it also received a 58% approval from the voters.  While we will not know the final results until the election is certified and votes are still coming in it look unlikely to pass this round.

If you are interested in following this issue, there is a pretty active Yahoo group dedicated to discussing the school bond.  The big question is what’s next if it doesn’t pass?  The district can not submit another bond to voters until spring of 2008, according to the  School District Bond Brochure. 

Will the board submit the same proposition for a third time, or are some changes that can be made to help it pass?  What will the board do next?  What do you think they should do?

Fall City Library Moves to Temporary Location

May 19, 2007

This week the Fall City Library closed and opened a small temporary location, while the old building is torn down to make room for a new, expanded library.  To continue serving the Fall City area during the rebuild, the library has moved in with  The Rivers Edge Store located at 33707 SE Redmond Fall City Rd, Redmond Fall City Rd.  The patrons of the King County Library system will be able to pick up their hold items, return items, and choose from a small selection of items before they are returned to the warehouse. 

I have not been able to find out the status of the septic design, or the permit process for the new building.  While it is nice that the library system has made some accommodation for the patrons during the demolition and rebuild, it does not sound  like they will have wireless access available at this temporary location. 

If you are interested in helping support the Fall City Library you might be interested in joining the group the Friends of the Fall City Library, which can be reached at 425.222.5951.

River Safety

May 16, 2007


Yesterday with a record setting High Temperature  brought a swift water rescue on the Snoqualmie River in North Bend.  Our Family participated in the River Sense class held last week at Fall City Elementary School with our son.  Although we swim, wade, tube and have a jet boat that we run on the river, we still learned useful information.  They are planning another class at Cascade View Elementary next month.  They have longer classes that are held in the river later in the summer.  Last year there were several drowning deaths in the Snoqualmie River and with summer on the way I suggest this is a great time to take a River Sense Class and learn about the river in our back yard.

Snoqualmie Valley School District Bond Vote Today

May 15, 2007

Today we will find out the results of the Snoqualmie Valley School District Bond Vote.  The district has been spending a lot of time trying to educate the voters why they need $209,200,000  to upgrade the existing schools and to build new ones.  Almost every time people discuss this with me they ask me the same question:  why do they need so much money, including $29,000,000 for land acquisition, when they already have land for another elementary school in North Bend and two large parcels on Snoqualmie Ridge?  Since the district says the large 40 acre site on the ridge is not suitable for a high school,  why not sell the surplus land and lower the amount of the bond, by using the proceeds to fund the acquisition of the land they desire?  The district’s  reply is that they will need the land in the future.  To me it seems like they are land banking.  The bond creates a dilemma for the property owners who have a limited income and find the proposed increase unaffordable, yet believe in quality education.  I don’t think the district has adequately addressed this issue publicly.  What do you think?