Snoqualmie Valley School District Bond Vote Today

Today we will find out the results of the Snoqualmie Valley School District Bond Vote.  The district has been spending a lot of time trying to educate the voters why they need $209,200,000  to upgrade the existing schools and to build new ones.  Almost every time people discuss this with me they ask me the same question:  why do they need so much money, including $29,000,000 for land acquisition, when they already have land for another elementary school in North Bend and two large parcels on Snoqualmie Ridge?  Since the district says the large 40 acre site on the ridge is not suitable for a high school,  why not sell the surplus land and lower the amount of the bond, by using the proceeds to fund the acquisition of the land they desire?  The district’s  reply is that they will need the land in the future.  To me it seems like they are land banking.  The bond creates a dilemma for the property owners who have a limited income and find the proposed increase unaffordable, yet believe in quality education.  I don’t think the district has adequately addressed this issue publicly.  What do you think?


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