40% More income required to purchase Snoqualmie Valley Homes from 2003 to 2006

According to an article in today’s Seattle Times article titled The disappearing $300,000 House… and other  surprising facts, “From 2003 through 2006, just three areas required income jumps of 40 percent or less to keep up with rising house prices. Those are Duvall/Snoqualmie Valley, Covington and S.I.R./Lake Morton. The last required 24 percent more income. Modest house-price appreciation is the reason.” 

This is interesting to me because as we know that housing prices have been going up through out King County this is the first article I have see that translated the increased cost of housing to amount of increased income required to make the purchase.  They have a lot of other interesting information in the article.  Please take a look at  it and see what you think.  I am interested in your perspective.


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