Shoreline rules in King County are changing…so what?

King County Is Amending Shoreline Management Rules

King County is coming to town to discuss proposed changes to the shoreline management act.  The Seattle PI ran the head line County May Ease Shoreline Management Rules.  The county says that they are planning to streamline the rules to make it easy for us to get information and permits.  Which is not what I was expecting.  I knew that after the Critical area ordinance passed, and the shoreline rules were next to be revised, and I exepected that they would be tightening the rules some more.  Please take a look at the draftAs you know Fall City is on the edge of the Snoqualmie River so depending on what these proposal brings it could be a very significant to the property owners along, historic River Street.  If you use the rivers, live in the floodplain, use the river for recreation, own ajoining property, these  these rules could impact you.  This link will get you to the King  County Site with all the informaton.  So take a look at the maps, and the draft and please attend one of the meetings to share your input.  If in your review you see something “funny” please write a comment and we’ll see what we can find out.  It’s our community to protect. 

 They have several meetings scheduled.  The Snoqualmie Valley meeting is scheduled for June 5th at Carnation elementary School.


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