Ron Simms to give away County park, Fall City Community Park

Give King County’s Parks to the Snoqualmie Tribe?


Ron Sims is wants to give Fall City Community Park to the Snoqualmie Tribe.  The park consists or two parcels and has a Baseball Diamond, Equestrian Riding Arena, Soccer Fields, The Fall City Hop Drying Shed, a King County Historical Landmark, and a King County Historical Archaeological site, that contains Snoqualmie Tribe artifacts.


Kathy Lambert held a community meeting last week to a packed crowd.


The local and regional community has been very supportive of this park over the years and it has a lot of use.  Why would Ron Simms want to give this park away.  Could it be that they can not afford the $50,000 a year in maintenance?  Really?  When the vote comes to raise money for King County parks I hope all the users of the Fall City Community Park/little leagues park/soccer association park/Equestrian area/ regional trail head/ Historic landmark consider their vote very carefully… 

PS It looks like the Fall City  Community Association is hiring a lawyer that specializes in tribal law to review contract with the tribe.


Seattle Times

King TV 5

Seattle Times Letter to editorRon Simms on Kuow answers a question regarding the park.  Go to minute 48 for the park question.

Snoqualmie Valley Record Redneck reasoning reigns,


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