Round and Round we will go, Roundabout update


The State Department of Transportation has been planning for a roundabout for the intersection of the State Route 202 and State Route 203 for years.  Wilder construction has been working on the site for a month building up the base for the roundabout. You can see an update on the progress of the Roundabout here.  I think it will be an excellent addition to intersection.  It is to bad that in order to make the change to intersection that the state had to buy the property that was locally known as “Guns and Roses”.  Guns and Roses was Fall City Firearms, and Fall City Green house that was located on the site of old gas station.  The roundabout should be completed by the Fall of this year.


2 Responses to “Round and Round we will go, Roundabout update”

  1. DG Says:

    Where is Fall City Firearms now? Also the state did not use the land where the building stood. Looks like the building did not need to be torn down for the intersection.

  2. Allen Minner Says:

    When the state let the contract of the stoplight at that intersection back in the early 1990’s, the alternative of a roundabout came up. At the time it was a single lane roundabout. Later as the state got more experience with roundabouts and the desire to have it function for a 20 year life span, it was modified several times and it became the two lane round about we see now. It was this mission creep that took out “Guns and Roses”. My neighbors owned Fall City Green House, “Roses” and I also knew he owners of Fall City Firearms, “Guns”. It was unfortunate that their land was purchased by the state to make way for the roundabout. I also understand that the state was planning for a roundabout on the other side of the bridge. When the owners of a couple of businesses threatened to sue, because of the impacts the idea was dropped.

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