Roundabout update


The Washington State Department of Transportation has been working on installing a roundabout at the intersection of State Routes 202, and 203 in Fall City.   Wilder Construction raised the road sub grade up to the new level so that Watson Asphalt could pave the new section.  The traffic has been moved off the old section of roadway onto the new section while Wilder raises the old roadway up to height of the new round about.  While I was previewing a house that is for sale yesterday, I noticed that it had a spectacular view of the Snoqualmie River, Fall City.   I could also see the roundabout from above so here is an “aerial” view of the current configuration.  I thought that seeing it from above was nice because as you are driving though it all you see is the temporary striping and the construction barrels and you really do not get a feel for the shape the final product. I am finding that the round about works well, and I have not seen any traffic back ups in any direction since it was installed. The state has improved the temporary signing after hearing from the motoring public that the roundabout was confusing.  I think that once the final product in in place with the regular signage and striping that the intersection will function much better than it did before.


2 Responses to “Roundabout update”

  1. John Hunt Says:

    That roundabout was built on the backs of three local businesses. Through emminent domain they were shut down.

    There were other options but the DOT decided that a roundabout was the best, regardless of the lives it ruined.

  2. Rowland Brasch Says:

    I sent in a email of concern to the county engineer in charge of the project about the confusion many people are experiencing with the temp. barrels and why all work has ceased on the project. Here is what I got back …

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding the new Roundabout at the intersection of SR 203 and SR 202 in Fall City. Our project was delayed due to utility relocation work last summer. As we were preparing to place the final lift of asphalt pavement this fall, the weather turned bad. Rather than try to construct the final wearing course of pavement in poor conditions, and risk premature failure of the pavement structure, we elected to winter the project over. Hot Mix Asphalt concrete pavements do not perform well when constructed under poor weather conditions, or too late in the season.

    We are currently working on a plan to temporarily delineate and sign the project at a level similar to the finished product. An important part of the temporary plan will be placing glue down pylons to delineate the splitter islands. Also, the permanent signs will be mounted in the splitter islands on temporary posts. Temporary striping will also be installed. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, we can implement the plan in January. We expect to resume work on completing the roundabout in March or April of 2008 when the weather warms to temperatures suitable for paving.

    In the meantime, please drive carefully. If you have additional questions or comments, see the link to our website below or please give me a call.”

    Just thought you might like to see this.

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