Tolt Hill Bridges over the Snoqualmie River


This is an interesting view from the Suspension Bridge in The Tolt McDonald Park, a King County Park, looking South to the Tolt Hill Road. The Tolt River is entering the photo on the left side of the photo. You can see the old bridge in the foreground an the new bridge in the background.  The funny thing is that the bridge in background has two arched spans.  The second arched span is to the east of the one you can see in this photo.  The community fought the county to have a similar style bridge replace the old one and I think this photo proves that aesthetically it was the right decision.  Thanks to the King County Department of Transportation for seeing the light.  I just thought this was such an interesting contrast of the old and new.  The old bridge will be torn down once the new one is put in service.   


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