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Fall City Real Estate Update September 2008

October 22, 2008



I have a some of graphs that I would like share to help update the Fall City real estate market.

The first graph shows the number of resale homes that are for sale in Fall City.  The light green lines show the number of available homes.  The dark green line represents the number of closed sales, and the red line is the number of pending sales in a month.

Fall City Trendgraphix 9.08


The second  graph shows the median price of the homes that sold each month since July of 2007.  The median price is the price that half of the homes sold are above that price and half of the homes sold are less than that price.

As you can see the median price varies from month to month with a low of $392,000 in July 2008 and a high of $1,062,000. in August of 2007.  It is interesting that the last two months that the median home price of sold homes has been $925,000.


Fall City Trendgraphix Median Price 9.08

Ok here is one more graph.  This one shows the average list and sale price for the same time frame.

Fall City Trendgraphix 9.08 Average Price

I think these graphs are interesting.  They show how the market has been changing over the past 15 months.