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Interesting Week of Meetings in Fall City Washington.

December 7, 2007

This week I attended three public meetings in Fall City. 

Monday December 3rd was the public meeting for the Unincorporated Area Council or UAC.  The UAC that started out being to represent the people of the Fall City Area, has morphed into an area the size of the Snoqualmie Valley School District, less the incorporated area.  This covers an area from Ames Lake to Snoqualmie Pass.  To me it seems like too large of an area, with too many diverse interests to be represented by one UAC.  I think this size will increase the difficulty of communication and the ability to reach consensus.  One example of communication challenge is that with a UAC of that size, and $10,000 budget, they will not even be able to afford one mailing to the whole area.  The UAC appears to be evolving, and if they listen to the public input, I think it will continue to evolve.  I encourage you to attend the next meeting and see what it is all about and give your input.  

December 4th the group that is interested in creating the Fall City Metropolitan Park District had their second meeting.  They are investigating the difference between a Metropolitan Park District and a Parks and Recreation district.  They are looking at District boundaries, budgets, and a vision for the parks in Fall City. This group has a meeting planned for January 9th.  Why not come to the next meeting and share your vision for Fall City Parks with the group?

December 6th was a meeting with Representative’s from the King County Sheriff’s Department.  They discussed the crime statistics for Fall City Patrol District, Charlie 2, and discussed crime prevention tips that people can follow to help insure that they do not become a crime statistic.  I was impressed that the crime statistics are very low.   Within the presentation, The Major, the Detective and Deputy that were there listened to the concerns of the community and gave more information on how they can become part of the solution to crime.  Most of the people that were there participated in the discussion.  I was disappointed to see that more people did not come to the presentation. Perhaps that is just another sign that the people of Fall City are not concerned about the current level Crime in their community.


Library Construction Has Started

November 14, 2007

The construction on the Fall City Library, a King County Library has started.  It is nice that after all these months to see some walls going up.

King County Comprehensive Plan to allow more development before making traffic improvements?

October 7, 2007

This is an interesting Seattle Times article regarding proposed revisions to the King County Comprehensive plan. They want to allow development even when congestion is at level E, in a scale from A to F. This is a radical change that eliminates traffic concurrency in my opinion.  You can find out more about the 2008 revision to the comp plan here.  The good news They are looking for comments from citizens.  The next local meeting is October 11, 2007 at Cascade View Elementary School 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Does Fall City Really Need an Unincorporated Area Council?

October 4, 2007

David Read has been on a campaign to create an Unincorporated Area Council for Fall City for several months.  You can view his pro UAC web site and see what he wrote about it.  Unfortunately on that site you will not see any dissenting opinion because the comment link and the opinion link to do not allow the reader to post either.   So I thought I would post some of the questions and concerns that I have here.

I get the impression form the piece that David wrote that he thinks there is a vacuum in Fall City that needs to be filled.  I disagree with that.  I would have a hard time telling all the people that are active in community organizations and are contributing to Fall City that they are not, and have not been effective.  I am proud of the community and the organizations that over the years have influenced and shaped the community through their actions over the years.  Years ago I under estimated the level of community involvement because I didn’t know all the organizations that are active in Fall City.  My experience is that they quietly go about their business and when there is a pressing issue, like a park transfer, they get organized and make their opinions known.

Here are just a few of the active effect organizations that are part of our community.  Many of the organizations are reachable by the links on the side of my blog.

Fall City Community Association, FCCA

Raging River Riders

Fall City Neighbors Newsletter

Patterson Creek Advisory Committee

Fall City Elementary School PTSA

Chief Kanim PTSA

Fall City Food Pantry, (Food Bank)

Local Churches

Fall City Cub Scouts

Fall City Girl Scouts

Fall City Boy Scouts

Fall City Soccer Association

Fall City Little League

Fall City Historical Society

Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater

Mountain To Sound Greenway

Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation

Lake Alice Community Association

Snoqualmie Tribe

Washington Trout

Eastside Steelheaders

Fall City Hop Shed Foundation

And many more….

Each of these groups has an influence on the issues that they care about.  Power vacuum? I think not.  One example was the community response to the proposed park Transfer to the Snoqualmie Tribe.  Several groups got together and were able to express there concerns to Kathy Lambert who organized a very well attended community meeting. 

One other point that I have heard discussed is that it will increase community involvement.  When I went to the web sites of the “active” UAC’s it does not look like they are increasing the turnout. 

For example: Bear Creeks April 24th meeting, the most current meeting with minutes posted, had 4 board members attending, four county staffers and 6 community members. Maple Valley had 13 members and 2 guests at their August meeting.

I think that we have a larger turn out at FCCA meetings that they are getting at these UAC meetings for areas that have larger population than Fall City.  In my years as a Fall City Community Association member and past President.  The organization has refocused its attention based on the desires of the active membership.   There have been times when they were very focused on County issues, transportation, arts, human services etc.  It is really a reflection of the memberships wants and needs.  Perhaps the FCCA should reconsider the meeting times and increase the number of meetings a month to allow more time for discussion of the issues in the community.

My concern is that if the UAC gets approved there will be low participation, and the few that do attend will present their own wishes to the county as “the community’s wants.  One of the other thing that I have noticed that happens with the county meetings is that the county tends to direct the discussion in the way they want it to go trying to lead the discussion so that at the end of a process they are able to say that the out come was what the community wanted.  When the outcome really what the community was willing to accept from what what was offered or available. 

What do you think?  Do we need another layer of Government? Do we need more meetings?  Do you feel like you do not have access to the people in charge at the county?  What message do you want to deliver to King County?